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The course has as general objectives to qualify technicians capable of install and optimize the production of vegetable and fruit plants, knowing how to manage waste, fertilize crops in a rational way and use integrated plant protection programs.


a) install and optimize, autonomously or as part of a team, the production and conservation of fruit and vegetable products; b) carry out the correct management of residues and the rational fertilization of crops; c) use the integrated plant protection programs, in conditions of safety and environmental and economic sustainability; d) select and dimension the type of greenhouse and irrigation system, reducing costs and ecological footprint; e) manage a company in the horticultural area.

Admission Requirements

Those who meet the following conditions may apply to this CTeSP: a) holders of a high school diploma or legal equivalent and have had approval in Chemistry or Biology; b) applicants aged over 23 who have approved the special exams for assessing their capability to attend higher education, with written exam in Chemistry or Biology and Geology; c) holders of a diploma of technological specialization, of CTeSP or a University/Polytechnic degree, with approval in Chemistry or Biology; d) holders of a high school diploma or legal equivalent, or holders of a diploma of technological specialization, or CTeSP, or a University/Polytechnic degree, whose educational plans do not include Chemistry or Biology, who have approved in a specific exam on Chemistry or Biology.

Professional Opportunities

The higher professional technician in Horticulture may work in agricultural companies or in other sectors of activity related to agriculture, in farmers' organizations, in public or private sector entities and as an agricultural entrepreneur.


Ponta Delgada

Course Code


ECTS Credits



2 Years

Study Regime

Full-time attendance, presence required in daytime schedule

Study Program

Code Name Year Semester
00003772Agrometeorologia1st year1st semester
00003964Aplicações Informáticas1st year1st semester
00003794Comunicação e Desenvolvimento Pessoal e Profissional1st year1st semester
00003783Higiene. Segurança e Saúde no Trabalho1st year1st semester
00003854Horticultura I1st year1st semester
00003829Língua Portuguesa1st year1st semester
00003871Pedologia e Maneio dos Solos1st year1st semester
00003807Empreendedorismo1st year2nd semester
00003835Estufas e Sistemas de Rega1st year2nd semester
00003846Fruticultura1st year2nd semester
00003860Horticultura II1st year2nd semester
00003970Inglês Técnico1st year2nd semester
00003882Proteção das Plantas I1st year2nd semester
00003893Proteção das Plantas II1st year2nd semester
00003908Cultura de Cogumelos2nd year1st semester
00003919Fundamentos de Agricultura Biológica2nd year1st semester
00003925Horticultura III2nd year1st semester
00003936Horticultura IV2nd year1st semester
00003947Inovação nas Culturas2nd year1st semester
00003953Estágio2nd year2nd semester