Bachelor in Civil Protection and Risks Management

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This study programme aims to promote the Knowledge Society in order to enhance the capacity of organizations, public and private entities and citizens, at international, national, regional, municipal and local levels, covering: a) the assessment of natural and technological hazards that represent a threat for the security of people, property and infrastructure and the definition of mitigation measures of general and specific character; b) the implementation, development and/or consolidation of structures, procedures and civil protection mechanisms likely to contribute to the prevention of risks inherent in the event of major accidents or catastrophes. c) the adoption of collective and individual behaviours appropriate to answer imminent crisis or emergency situations; d) the requirements of cultural recovery processes, social, economic and financial subsequent to the occurrence of serious or catastrophic events. The course is directed towards the acquisition of knowledge and expertise in the fields of civil protection, the assessment of natural and technological hazards, emergency planning and crisis management, with interest to a wide range of professional activities, including: civil protection, security agencies, planning and spatial planning, environment and natural resources, education, scientific research and technological development, industry and trade security products, journalism, insurance companies, consulting and advisory services, and tourism.


a) Provide skills for the assessment, prevention and response to accidents or disasters arising from natural and technological risks that threaten people, goods and infrastructure. b) Train to support organizations, entities and citizens at risk. c) Enable for the definition of general and specific risk mitigation measures. d) Train for the adoption and implementation of appropriate measures to respond to crisis situations.

Admission Requirements

Those interested can apply for the course through one of the following national competitions organized by DGES: National Competition for Access and Admission to Public Higher Education; and Special Regimes. Application may also be possible through the following special competitions, organized by the University of the Azores: Special Competitions for Access and Admission to the University of the Azores (Over 23 Years, Holders of Technological Specialization Diploma, Holders of Higher Professional Technician Diploma, Holders of Other Higher Education Courses, Holders of dual certification courses in secondary education and specialized artistic courses); Regimes of Re-entry and Change of Institution / Course; Special competition for access and admission of international students to the University of the Azores. In all cases, the application is dependent on the candidates' compliance with the conditions required for this purpose. For more information on national competitions and the conditions of access and admission, consult the DGES page at, and for information on special competitions, consult the regulations available on our website.

Professional Opportunities

Civil protection and security agencies; Insurance companies; Planning and land management; Environment and natural resources; Consulting and advisory services; Teaching, research and technological development; Security products industry and trade; Journalism and tourism.


Ponta Delgada

Course Code


ECTS Credits



3 Years

Study Regime

Full- or part-time attendance, presence required in daytime schedule


  • Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior
  • ACEF/2122/1100966
  • Direcção Geral de Ensino Superior
  • R/A-Cr 90/2012 de 22-06-2012

Study Program

Code Name Year Semester
0104600Chemistry1st year1st semester
0104606Computing and Programming1st year1st semester
0105722Disasters and Catastrophes1st year1st semester
0105718Geology1st year1st semester
0105695Land Use Planning1st year1st semester
0105689Mathematics1st year1st semester
0105699Geographic Information Systems1st year2nd semester
0105728Geological Mapping1st year2nd semester
0105703Geomorphology1st year2nd semester
0105690Physics1st year2nd semester
0104883Probabilities and Statistics 1st year2nd semester
0105711Water Resources1st year2nd semester
0105696Floods and Flooding2nd year1st semester
0105719Meteorology and Climatology2nd year1st semester
0105684Seismology2nd year1st semester
0105716Slope Dynamics2nd year1st semester
0105688Volcanology2nd year1st semester
0105687Coastal Dynamics2nd year2nd semester
0101569Environmental Health2nd year2nd semester
0105723Environmental Impact Assessment2nd year2nd semester
0105730Fire Protection and Firefighting2nd year2nd semester
0105914Pollution2nd year2nd semester
0105727Emergency Planning and Exercises3rd year1st semester
0105732Journalism: print, broadcast and cyberjournalism3rd year1st semester
0105697P1 - Risk Mapping3rd year1st semester
0105700Pragmatics of Communication3rd year1st semester
0105702S2 - Natural and Technological Risks3rd year1st semester
0105720Vulnerabilities and critical Infrastructures3rd year1st semester
0105691Crisis Management and Response Mechanisms3rd year2nd semester
0105685Decision Support Systems3rd year2nd semester
0105717Monitoring and Warning Systems3rd year2nd semester
0105705PII - Emergency Planning3rd year2nd semester
0105726Perception and Social Management of Risk3rd year2nd semester
0105694S3 - Structures, Agents and Civil Protection Mechanisms3rd year2nd semester