Introduction to Veterinary Medicine

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Presenting the course of Integrated Master in Veterinary Medicine and the PhD course in Veterinary Science.
Promote the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes based on relevant aspects of the History of Veterinary Medicine, Medical Language, Community Life class, Biosafety, Bioethics and Deontology.
Knowing the methods of teaching / learning in the use of Veterinary Medical Colleges namely the "Problem Based Learning" in order to use the method of "Evidenced Based Medicine" that supports the Good Veterinary Practice.


1. Integrated Master of veterinary Medicine Curriculum.
2. History of Veterinary Medicine.
3. Medical terminology.
4. Translation of English documents.
5. The role of the veterinarian in the country and the world.
6. The associations representing the class, and regulators of the profession.
7. Ethics and professional ethics.
8. Bioethics, methodologies and application to veterinary medicine

Teaching Methodologies

Classes are of several types:
- Expository masterful
- Use of websites
- Group discussion classes (on the Code of Ethics and the work "The Metamorphosis")
Students have yet to make a working group on the work "Metamorphosis" and present a group class on "Problem
based learnig" and "Evidenced Based Medicine".
Continuous assessment:
1st assessment test: 45% of the grade (There is need for Registration in SIDE)
2nd assessment test: 45% of the grade (There is need for Registration in SIDE)
Attendance: 10% rating
Students who do not choose to do continuous assessment can be evaluated by further evaluation (no registration need in SIDE), in exam


Janet Amundson Romich. An Illustrated Guide to Veterinary Medical Terminology.
Robert H Dunlop, David J. Williams. Veterinary Medicine: An Illustrated History.
James Lawhea, MeeCee Baker. Introduction to Veterinary Science.
Bernard E. Rollin. An Introduction to Veterinary Medical Ethics:Theory And Cases.
Maria de Céu Patrão Neves e Walter Osswald. Bioética simples.



ECTS Credits



  • Orientação Tutorial - 2 hours
  • Seminário - 4 hours
  • Teóricas - 28 hours