Fruit Farming

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Supply basic knowledge for the understanding of fruit production systems. Knowledge of the most important fruit species for the Azores.


1. Introduction to fruit science. Concepts.

2. Classification of cultivated fruit plants.

3. General description of cultivated fruit plants. Most important anatomical and morphological aspects of fruit plants and their parts.

4. Basics on fruit tree physiology.

5. The propagation of fruit trees.

6. Orchard management and nursery practices. Organic production.

7. Pruning and training of fruit trees.

8. Species characteristics.

8.1 Temperate-zone fruit species

8.1.1 Pomes

8.1.2 Prunes

8.1.3 Nut crops and bushberries

8.2 Sub-tropical fruit species

8.2.1 Banana

8.2.2 Pineapple under glass.

8.2.3 Avocado

8.2.4 Custard apple

8.2.5 Passion fruit

9. Harvest and post-harvest conditioning.

Teaching Methodologies

The curricular unit has 6 ECTS, corresponding to a total of 60 working hours, from which 8 are practical sessions and 52 theoretical – practical.


Information available soon.



ECTS Credits



  • Teóricas - 30 hours
  • Teórico-Práticas - 30 hours