Mechanization and Agricultural Technologies

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Comprehend how engines, transmissions, agricultural tractors function and farm machine is linked to tractors.

Cost/benefit of agricultural mechanization.

Learn how the various agricultural practices occur, which equipment operate them, how power demand is calculated, field capacity and field efficiency.


1. Transmissions

1.1 Mechanical transmissions.

1.2 Hydraulic – hydrostatic transmissions.

2. Tractor 2.1 Engines

2.2 Tractor transmissions

3. Agricultural operations

3.1 Use of agricultural equipment

3.2 Soil preparation and tillage

3.3 Fertilization

3.4 Sowing and planting

3.5 Crop protection

3.6 Harvest and conservation

Teaching Methodologies

Theoretical classes will be done in class, and so will be the theoretical-practical classes, but in the later one exercises will be explained and solved. Practical classes will be realized in Granja Universitária, private farms and farm machinery workshops.


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ECTS Credits



  • Teóricas - 30 hours
  • Teórico-Práticas - 30 hours

Evaluation Methodology

  • 1st Frequency: 40%
  • 2nd Frequency: 40%
  • Oral machines: 10%
  • Resolution Problems: 10%