Composition/Project Execution/Professional Training

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The curricular unit of Dissertation / execution of a project / professional internship, aims to transmit to students the essential principles of: (i) development of small research projects; (ii) preparation of scientific articles / reports; and (iii) presentation of oral communications. It is intended that students can identify problems, develop critical thinking, be able to communicate, integrate and discuss knowledge and scientific data. In this sense, 3 learning objectives were defined:

- Describe work and research techniques in Environment, Health or Safety;

- Develop small research project;

- Prepare a report and present it to an audience.


- Research techniques and selection of scientific information

- Project development

- Familiarization with working techniques and methodologies in Environment, Health and Safety

- Presentation of technical and scientific information

Teaching Methodologies

The students are encouraged to read and discuss articles, books and technical reports of specialty, and receive training on how to carry out an efficient bibliographic search and subsequent analysis, synthesis and discussion of the information collected. If there is a practical component, it will take place in the laboratory spaces of the Faculty of Science and Technology, or in a business context. The evaluation will be carried out based on: i) the continuous performance of bibliographic, field and / or laboratory research; ii) in a written work prepared in the format defined for the Masters of the University of the Azores; and iii) in the oral presentation and discussion of the written work before a jury and an audience.


A bibliografia específica dos temas a desenvolver será divulgada anualmente, caso a caso

The specific bibliography of the themes to be developed will be published annually, case by case



ECTS Credits



  • Orientação Tutorial - 60 hours

Evaluation Methodology

  • Presentation of the work in public tests: 100%