Methods and Techniques of In-depth Research - Project

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The MTIA-discipline project continues the MTIA discipline and aims to provide students of the Master in Social Sciences a space for reflection that allows the research and application of knowledge acquired and to identify gaps and needs for additional learnings. It is intended 


Module 1. Definition of the research project.

1.1. Deontological aspects of the project.

1.2. Reviews about operational aspects in the design of the research project.

1.2.1. Problematic.

1.2.2. State of the art and theoretical framework.

1.2.3. Methodological strategy and research design

Module 2. Operational Aspects of data collection

2.1. The construction of tools for collecting qualitative data

2.2. Building tools for collecting quantitative data

Module 3. Depth analysis of data

3.1. Analysis and interpretation of qualitative data.

3.2. Analysis and interpretation of quantitative data.

3.3. The triangulation of data

Module 4. The writing of the research report

4.1. Project structure.

4.2. Writing and style.

4.3. Graphic aspects.

4.4. General model

Teaching Methodologies

From the defined goals, we chose an approach that emphasizes the active participation of students in the design and development of research projects. The exercises in the classroom-oriented for the factual and conceptual evaluation; the oral presentation of a research problem and the realization of an individual project allows to assess the understanding of the subject content.


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ECTS Credits



  • Orientação Tutorial - 10 hours
  • Teóricas - 15 hours
  • Teórico-Práticas - 15 hours

Evaluation Methodology

  • 48h Moodle exercise, with critical review of a scientific article : 45%
  • Development of a short scientific article : 50%
  • Small work on qualitative research : 5%