Agricultural Hydraulics and Irrigation

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It is intended that students acquire a basic training in Agricultural Hydraulics necessary for practicing the profession in the field of planning, design and management of systems for the use and the water sector.


Physical properties of fluids: External forces; systems units, mass and weight by volume, surface tension and capillary liquid.

Hydrostatic: Law hydrostatic pressures, principle Pascal; hydrostatic thrust.

Hydrodynamics: Bernoulli's theorem, power line and piezometric; piezometers and Pitot tube.

Flow in Pressure: Pressure drop, laminar and turbulent flows; experience Reynolds; empirical formulas.

Pumps: Lift height; powers and income; characteristic curves.

potential evapotranspiration, reference and culture; ETo estimation by Penman-Monteith FAO.

Sprinkler irrigation: drip-irrigation; by flooding and mixed.

Sprinkler Irrigation: Sprinklers and their characteristics; systems coverage, stationary and livestock.

Drip irrigation: Irrigation drop by drop, by sprayer, by spurts and subsurface. Components of a drip irrigation system.

Teaching Methodologies

The main methodology of teaching is to explain the theoretical basis of the program of the course that considers its multiple structuring elements, using the broadest possible range of teaching resources, including those offered by new information technologies and communication, should develop reasoning skills , imagination, and sensitivity to a certain critical spirit. The feature specific software for the laboratory classes and field trips will be used.


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ECTS Credits



  • Teóricas - 30 hours
  • Teórico-Práticas - 30 hours

Evaluation Methodology

  • Individual and/or Group Work: 50%
  • Resolução e apresentação por escrito das fichas de exercícios: 50%