Territorial Planning Methods

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Approach to key concepts for understanding the nature of geographic information and Geographic Information Systems. Identify the importance of Geographic Information Systems in the present and in the future. Use of GIS software, for practical application of the concepts covered. Visa, moreover, provide students with a set of statistical tools that help investigators to better identify spatial patterns observable in natural or natural-anthropogenic variables. Importance to a group of models that allow the diagnosis of cause-effect relationships in the study area will also be given. Finally aims to meet regulatory instruments of the territory. Being able to relate a regulatory with its territorial expression text.


1. Introduction and Concepts

2. Coordinate systems in cartography

3. Geographic modeling

4. Data acquisition

5. Features of SGI

Module I: Concepts

2. Module II: Introduction Data in ArcView

3. Module III: Visualization In Themes

4. Module IV: Working With Tables

5. Module VI: Spatial Analysis

6. Module VII: From Creation Layout

Nature of Geographic Information;

Spatial Statistics;

Statistical inference for spatial data;

Correlation: Robust Methods;

Spatial autocorrelation;

Multivariate Linear Regression Models;

Spatial models.

Introduction to Planning and Spatial Planning. General notions; Objectives; Principles and Planning Process.

Evolution of Policy Planning and Ambiente. Agenda 21 and Environmental Planning

Teaching Methodologies

Information available soon.


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ECTS Credits



  • Teórico-Práticas - 46 hours