Economics of Natural Resources

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The aim of the course is that students seize the instruments of analysis in the field of environmental and natural resource economics, know how to identify and select the policy measures for the management of environmental and natural resources and able to develop processes of interpretation and exploration. On the other hand you want to communicate to students the fundamental concepts and methods of the regional economy in particular those relating to the analysis of location, regional and spatial interaction models, and models of regional development and spatial policy analysis. Introduce economic rationality in mechanisms for information and decision related to the location of activities, the implementation of measures in space and impacts to regional planning. Finally aims to lead students to seize the instruments of analysis on cost benefit analysis and know how to identify, select and implement the most appropriate evaluation methods.


Economy and Environment. Review of Microeconomics, Theory of Externalities, Environmental Policy, Analysis of environmental policies in practice.

Concept of Income. Management of Land Policy, Economics of Water. Integrated Water Management, Economics of Fisheries. Regulation of Fisheries, Forest Management. Policy Management of Forest Biodiversity Management. Parks Management, Management of Nonrenewable Resources.

Review of Macroeconomics, Environment and Sustainable Development, Environment and International Economics. Scope of the regional economy.

Location of activities, economic development, regional development, approaches to the modeling of the regional economy, Input-Output Models for Regional and Interregional, spatial interaction models, general equilibrium models, development models, Regional Markets Hand Work, Assessment of regional energy and the environment, Policy for Sustainable Regional Development.

Teaching Methodologies

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ECTS Credits



  • Teórico-Práticas - 46 hours