French I

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By the end of the semester, students should have attained the A1 level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Specific learning outcomes:

1. Listening and speaking: Understand familiar words and expressions and use simple and isolated expressions about people and things;

2. Reading and Writing: Understand simple sentences and current words and write brief sentences about himself and others;

3. Vocabulary and Grammar: Recognize and use simple words and expressions bout his daily living and use some basic grammar structures from memory;

4. Phonetics: Recognize and produce, although not perfectly, the standard French phonemes.


1. Phonetics

    1.1The sounds of the French language

    1.2The liaison (basic notions)

2.Grammar contents

    2.1Gender and number (nouns and adjectives)

    2.2The article

    2.3Main regular and irregular verbs

    2.4Present tense, futur proche, passé récent and Impératif

    2.5Pronouns : possessifs, démonstratifs, interrogatifs

    2.6Afirmative and negative sentences ; making questions

3.Thematic contents

    3.1Identifying, presenting and describing oneself

    3.2Family life and family relationships

    3.3University life


    3.5Localising in space and time

Teaching Methodologies

In class students will be asked to do different exercises, such as:

- Reading out loud exercises, followed by written comprehension exercises;

- Grammar exercises;

- Very simple writing exercises;

- Listening and speaking exercises, through simulated situations and the listening of authentic material.


Os alunos trabalharão a partir de uma antologia organizada pela docente, contendo documentos autênticos, documentos didatizados, retirados de manuais de nível A1, exercícios de gramática e um compêndio gramatical. Os seguintes elementos bibliográficos são recomendados, em complementaridade à antologia:

Students will work with an anthology of texts, prepared by the teacher, containing authentic documents and didactical exercises and grammar exercises. The following complementary bibliography is advised:

Sylvie Poisson-Quinton, Célyne Huet-Ogle, Roxane Boulet, Anne Vergne-Sirieys, Grammaire Expliquée du Français ; Niveau Débutant, Clé International, 2003.

Josette Rey-Debove et Alain Rey (dir.), Le Nouveau Petit Robert de la Langue Française, Dictionnaire alphabétique et analogique de la langue française, Le Robert, 2009.



ECTS Credits



  • Teóricas - 30 hours
  • Teórico-Práticas - 30 hours

Evaluation Methodology

  • 1st Frequency: 50%
  • 2nd Frequency: 50%