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The course aims to provide students knowledge to gain skills in the different areas of genetics, Mendelian genetics, molecular genetics and population genetics.

Through the practical classes students learn how to identify polymorphisms in genes, evaluate the genetic variability, and genetically manipulation to create genetically modified organisms. The course also encourages the search for information in an autonomous way through the presentation of papers and discussion of scientific papers, as well as regular reporting.



Introduction, genetic information, genome organization, gene expression, translation, cell division, genetic diversity, DNA repair mechanisms, Mendelian genetics, molecular genetics, molecular markers, molecular markers in population genetics, molecular evolution, Hardy-Weinberg laws.

Practical classes:

DNA extraction from animal tissue, quantification of DNA, amplification of a fragment of the K-casein gene and enzymatic digestion (RFLP), sexing of animal tissues, DNA fingerprinting, paternity testing in animals by microsatellites, bacteria chemical transformation and electroporation, plasmid DNA isolation and linearization, transformation of tobacco plants by Agrobacterium tumefaciens, obtaining transgenic tobacco plants.

Teaching Methodologies

Lectures in the classroom on all program content. Part of the lectures are complemented by short films that help the understanding of biological processes, and slides with research projects of content developed by the research group where are involved methods that correspond to the different chapters presented in class.

Practical classes in the laboratory that allow students to contact with different techniques of molecular biology and genetic engineering, assessment of genetic diversity and the application of molecular markers in genotyping and population genetics.


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ECTS Credits



  • Teóricas - 30 hours
  • Teórico-Práticas - 30 hours