Pos-Graduation in Environmental Management

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This post-graduation aims to prepare graduate students for an integrative approach to problems in the area of the environment, responding to the growing need for human expertise in this field. The aim is to: i) define sustainability, understand its various facets and its implications for the management and conservation of nature; ii) analyze the evolution of the concept of development and its indicators and instruments; iii) become familiar with the issues of Sustainable Development in islands, and the challenges they pose; iii) train specific modalities of interaction between science and society.


Acquire fundamental knowledge for the exercise of the activity of manager of sustainable regional development; develop an integrated vision of ecology, economics, planning and technology skills; the deepening of working and decision-making methods applied to the resolution of environmental sustainability problems; be able to assume responsibilities, adapt to new situations and bridge the gap between science and territorial reality.

Admission Requirements

The following may apply for the course: a) Holders of a bachelor's degree or legally equivalent qualification in the areas of biology, environmental sciences, agricultural sciences, economics, management, geography, environmental engineering, law, political sciences, and educational sciences. b) Holders of a scientific or professional curriculum whose merit is recognized by the scientific or technical-scientific council as attesting the capacity for this purpose.

Professional Opportunities

Consultant in the areas of territorial planning, agro-environmental policy, rural development, environmental impact assessment; protected areas manager; researcher and project evaluator in the area of the course.


Angra do Heroísmo

Course Code


ECTS Credits



1 Year

Study Regime

Full or part-time attendance. Attendance required in daytime schedule.

Study Program

Code Name Year Semester
04006976Biodiversidade1st year1st semester
04006959Dinâmica dos Ecossistemas1st year1st semester
04006941Economia dos Recursos Natturais1st year1st semester
04006987Sistemas Agroambientais1st year1st semester
04006965Sustentabilidade1st year1st semester
04006998Gestão, Promoção e Implementação de Projetos1st year2nd semester
04007027Instrumentos e Objectivos da Ciência e Politica Ambiental1st year2nd semester
04007005Métodos Estatísticos e Modelos de Análise Ambiental1st year2nd semester
04007016Métodos de Planeamento Territorial1st year2nd semester
04007049Projecto1st year2nd semester
04007038Visita de Estudo1st year2nd semester