Bachelor in Economics

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The undergraduate course in Economics provides a generalist perspective with the possibility of specialization in a specific area later in the Economics Master.


The undergraduate course in Economics provides an ample toolkit of skills and knowledge geared to develop technical capacities in the areas of public economics, economics of the firm and finances for activities within public and private organizations. The main objectives of the undergraduate course in Economics are: a) Provide the scientific and technical knowledge adequate for a career in private and public organizations; b) Promote the student’s skills to organize and process information relevant to problem solving in economics; c) Develop written and oral communication skills; d) Develop flexibility and adaptation capacities;

Admission Requirements

Those interested can apply for the course through one of the following national competitions organized by DGES: National Competition for Access and Admission to Public Higher Education; and Special Regimes. Application may also be possible through the following special competitions, organized by the University of the Azores: Special Competitions for Access and Admission to the University of the Azores (Over 23 Years, Holders of Technological Specialization Diploma, Holders of Higher Professional Technician Diploma, Holders of Other Higher Education Courses, Holders of dual certification courses in secondary education and specialized artistic courses); Regimes of Re-entry and Change of Institution / Course; Special competition for access and admission of international students to the University of the Azores. In all cases, the application is dependent on the candidates' compliance with the conditions required for this purpose. For more information on national competitions and the conditions of access and admission, consult the DGES page at, and for information on special competitions, consult the regulations available on our website.

Professional Opportunities

Consultant in the preparation of economic studies leading to decision making by top and functional management in the public and private sector; General director, management advisor of any functional area or division; Chief financial officer, assistant chief financial officer, project analyst, accountant, auditor and chartered accountant; Market research and economic instrument analysis technician.


Ponta Delgada

Course Code


ECTS Credits



3 Years

Study Regime

Full- or part-time attendance, presence required in daytime schedule


  • Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior
  • ACEF/1920/0304897
  • Direcção Geral de Ensino Superior
  • R/A-Ef 2835/2011 de 18-03-2011

Study Program

Code Name Year Semester
0103024Accounting I1st year1st semester
0103065Applied Mathematics1st year1st semester
0103164Introduction to Microeconomics1st year1st semester
0104562Mathematics I1st year1st semester
0103100Statistics I1st year1st semester
0103085Accounting II1st year2nd semester
0103083Introduction to Macroeconomics1st year2nd semester
0103019Introduction to Management I1st year2nd semester
0104598Mathematics II1st year2nd semester
0104645Statistics II1st year2nd semester
0104627Corporate Finance I2nd year1st semester
0104612Econometrics2nd year1st semester
0102036Introduction to Law2nd year1st semester
0104649Macroeconomics I2nd year1st semester
0103050Microeconomics I2nd year1st semester
0104639Corporate Finance II2nd year2nd semester
0103087History Economics2nd year2nd semester
0104667Macroeconomics II2nd year2nd semester
0104605Microeconomics II2nd year2nd semester
0103155Portuguese Economics2nd year2nd semester
0103017International Economics I3rd year1st semester
0200225Public Economics3rd year1st semester
0103178Regional Economics3rd year1st semester
0103131European Economics3rd year2nd semester
0104638Policy Economics3rd year2nd semester
0104565Project Valuation3rd year2nd semester

Optional Curricular Subjects

Code Name Year Semester
0104585Advanced TaxationOptionalSemestrial
0104613Budget ControlOptionalSemestrial
0103166Economic and Managerial ResponsabilityOptionalSemestrial
0104683Special Operations AccountingOptionalSemestrial
0104702Training on EconomicsOptionalSemestrial