Bachelor in English and Portugueses Studies

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The core objective of the study programme is to provide students who enrol in the course and complete it successfully with a thorough, broad grounding in the respective linguistic, literary and cultural traditions which, in the form of independent curricular units, make up the study programme. Together with this objective, the course aims to guarantee its students a mastery of the competences, techniques, methodologies and skills required: a) through the effective use, in written and oral communicative situations, of their mother tongue and a second language, namely English; b) through the successful confrontation with any situations, from the most simple to the most complex, which may arise from the development of a professional activity within the broad ambit of cultural and linguistic mediation, represented by the multiple facets of what is today called cultural industry (publishing, translation, media communication, cultural heritage,…).


When they complete this cycle, students should reveal: a) An in-depth and systematic knowledge of the subject matter relating to the basic scientific areas of this study cycle; b) a wide understanding and adequate command of the work techniques/methodologies pertaining to the fields of languages, literatures and cultures; c) a critical and analytical attitude towards contexts of knowledge which are described as complex, incomplete, or even contradictory; d) the capacity to synthesise flows of information in a critical, fitting manner, either to respond to problems belonging to their area of study, or in dealing with new problems, which occur in new contexts; e) the capacity to assess complex flows of information within their professional and intellectual spheres, and to defend possible alternative paths to those presented.

Admission Requirements

Those interested can apply for the course through one of the following national competitions organized by DGES: National Competition for Access and Admission to Public Higher Education; and Special Regimes. Application may also be possible through the following special competitions, organized by the University of the Azores: Special Competitions for Access and Admission to the University of the Azores (Over 23 Years, Holders of Technological Specialization Diploma, Holders of Higher Professional Technician Diploma, Holders of Other Higher Education Courses, Holders of dual certification courses in secondary education and specialized artistic courses); Regimes of Re-entry and Change of Institution / Course; Special competition for access and admission of international students to the University of the Azores. In all cases, the application is dependent on the candidates' compliance with the conditions required for this purpose. For more information on national competitions and the conditions of access and admission, consult the DGES page at, and for information on special competitions, consult the regulations available on our website. Prerequisite required for access: Group B - Interpersonal communication

Professional Opportunities

Cultural industry; Tourism; Linguistic and cultural advice; Senior management and administrative secretariat. Access to the master's degree in Portuguese / English Teaching, with the objective of teaching.


Ponta Delgada

Course Code


ECTS Credits



3 Years

Study Regime

Full or part-time attendance, presence required in daytime schedule


  • Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior
  • ACEF/2021/1300386
  • Direcção Geral de Ensino Superior
  • R/A-Cr 34/2014 de 07-04-2014

Study Program

Code Name Year Semester
0102004English I1st year1st semester
0104220Introduction to Language Study1st year1st semester
0103078Introduction to Literature Study1st year1st semester
0103120Introduction to the Study of Culture1st year1st semester
0103064Portuguese Language I1st year1st semester
0105813English Culture1st year2nd semester
0103134English II1st year2nd semester
01061659Estruturas Fonológicas e Morfológicas do Português1st year2nd semester
0105814Portuguese Culture1st year2nd semester
0103151Portuguese Language II1st year2nd semester
0103044Cultural Studies2nd year1st semester
0103130English III2nd year1st semester
0105800English Literature: Elizabethan Legacy2nd year1st semester
0105808Portuguese Literature: Medieval Legacy2nd year1st semester
0105817Syntax and Semantics of Portuguese2nd year1st semester
0103026English IV2nd year2nd semester
0105802English Literature: Romantic Legacy2nd year2nd semester
0105818Portuguese Literature: Humanist and Renaissance Legacy2nd year2nd semester
0103012Portuguese Writing Workshop 2nd year2nd semester
0103111Travel Literature2nd year2nd semester
0103055Contemporary Portuguese Culture3rd year1st semester
0103088English V3rd year1st semester
01061665Estudos de Literatura Comparada3rd year1st semester
0105796Portuguese Literature: Modern and Contemporary Legacy3rd year1st semester
0105812Pragmatic of Portuguese3rd year1st semester
0103073Azorean Literature3rd year2nd semester
0103082English VI3rd year2nd semester
01061769Estudos de Cultura Comparada3rd year2nd semester
0105816North American Culture and Literature3rd year2nd semester
0105807The Portuguese Language in Space and Time3rd year2nd semester