Master in Agronomic Engineering

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This cycle of studies is intended to provide skills to an advanced level in the field of agricultural sciences. It is intended to provide students training skills in order to develop a comprehensive and integrated vision in the areas of fruit and vegetable production, fodder production and conservation and agricultural products technologies, sectors of particular importance, both regionally and nationally. Given these assumptions, knowledge will be provided in agro ecology, experimental design, agricultural biotechnology, nutrient cycles and environmental protection, irrigation projects and technologies.


The great challenge today that arises to the development of agriculture is the search for profitability, based on principles of environmental and economic sustainability and thus contributing to food sustainability of a growing and more demanding population. The Master's degree in Agricultural Engineering aims to give advanced training in the areas of Integrated Production in Agriculture, Production and Technology of Forage, Agricultural Biotechnology, Technologies of Agricultural Products, Enology and Gardening and Landscaping, especially important sectors at both regional and national levels. All these valences are reinforced with basic and specific training in terms of experimental design, of agro ecology, of fertilization with environmental concerns, and of Irrigation Technologies. The development of these areas, should be based on differentiation through product quality and their specificity and thus it is essential to stimulate future professionals the ability to apply new concepts and production technologies, in order to improve the quality of them. Finally, it is important that students develop the ability to analyse and present precisely the current knowledge on the key issues related to agricultural production, with its marketing and processing, that is, its sustainability.

Admission Requirements

Those who meet the following conditions may apply to the 2nd cycle of studies leading to the master degree: a) Holders graduated in Agricultural Sciences, Agronomic Engineering, Forestry, Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, and related areas; b) Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum vitae that is recognised by the Scientific Council as attesting to the capacity to carry out this cycle of studies

Professional Opportunities

Technician and manager in agricultural production and agribusiness companies; Technician and manager in cooperatives, agricultural associations and rural development organizations; Consultant (preparation, monitoring and evaluation of projects) in the rural area; Higher technician and manager in public administration and companies linked to the rural sector and land use planning; Trainer in the area; Scientific researcher.


Angra do Heroísmo

Course Code


ECTS Credits



2 Years

Study Regime

Full-time attendance, presence required in after-work schedule


  • Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior
  • Direcção Geral de Ensino Superior
  • R/A-Ef 2824/2011 de 18-03-2011

Study Program

Code Name Year Semester
0201041Agricultural Biotechnology1st year1st semester
0200997Agroecology1st year1st semester
0201023Experimental Delineation1st year1st semester
0201014Irrigation Projects and Technologies1st year1st semester
0201025Nutrient Cycles and Environmental Protection1st year1st semester
0201040Enology1st year2nd semester
0201008Farm Products Technology1st year2nd semester
0201002Fodder Production and Technology1st year2nd semester
0201033Gardening and Landscaping1st year2nd semester
0201045Integrated Production in Agriculture1st year2nd semester
0200982Dissertation2nd yearYearly