Master in Preschool and Primary Education

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Develop scientific and pedagogical knowledge of a specific and transversal nature aiming at a conscious, entrepreneurial, and socially, scientifically, cultural and ethically contextualized educational action. Train professionals able to observe, analyse, evaluate and decide, in a critical and sustained way, educational contexts and actions, aiming to improve learning processes and outcomes. Train professionals able to conceive, organize and evaluate integrated, significant and differentiated learning experiences, in an inclusive perspective. Prepare students to conduct educational research in general and specially to address the needs of their educational contexts, aiming at educational quality. Support the construction of a training and professional development project based on continuous updating, reflective action and cooperation with other educational agents.


To organize educational experiences that integrate knowledge from different fields, adjusting them to specific intra individual, inter individual and multicultural contexts, in an inclusive perspective. To manage the progression of learning, promoting pupils’ participation, autonomy, and capabilities to identify and solve problems, as well as to organize, self-regulate and communicate learning experiences. To recognize schools and social communities as places to promote democracy, respect for minorities, health and environmental education, regarding current cultural, scientific and technological values. To develop a critical and investigative attitude, combining theoretical and pedagogical experiences in different educational contexts. To implement a personal teaching oriented project guided by ethical principles and based on reflection, research, and the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Admission Requirements

May apply to the Master's degree the holders of a bachelor degree in basic education or equivalent, in accordance with the legal provisions in force. It is still a condition to have a good knowledge of Portuguese, assessed by an eliminating written test and interview

Professional Opportunities

Teacher in Pre-School Education, in public and private education; Teacher of the 1st Cycle of Basic Education, in public and private education.


Ponta Delgada

Course Code


ECTS Credits



2 Years

Study Regime

Full-time attendance, presence required in daytime schedule


  • Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior
  • PERA/1920/1300271
  • Direcção Geral de Ensino Superior
  • R/A-Cr 116/2014 de 29-08-2014

Study Program

Code Name Year Semester
0201388Artistic Expressions and Physical-motor Education in Childhood1st year1st semester
02015405Educational Research Seminar1st year1st semester
02015394Fundamentals and applications of elementary mathematics1st year1st semester
0201384History of the Azores1st year1st semester
0201404Organization of the Living World1st year1st semester
0201410Artistic Expressions and Physical Motor Education Teaching Methodology1st year2nd semester
0201392Environment Study Teaching Methodology1st year2nd semester
0201403Mathematics Teaching Methodology1st year2nd semester
02015416Strategies for Reading and Writing in Learning1st year2nd semester
0201386Teaching Methodology of Portuguese1st year2nd semester
0201391Pedagogical Training I2nd year1st semester
0201405Pre-School Education Workshop2nd year1st semester
0201387Pedagogical Training II2nd year2nd semester
0201389Teaching workshop in 1st cycle of basic education2nd year2nd semester
0201385Training Report2nd year2nd semester

Optional Curricular Subjects

Code Name Year Semester
02015427Curricular Differentiation and Integration1st year1st semester
02015438Deontological Education and Teaching1st year1st semester
02015451Educational Project and Intervention1st year2nd semester
02015449Transdisciplinary Education and Civic Training1st year2nd semester