Bachelor in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Preparatory)

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Under the existing agreement between the University of the Azores and the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto, the first two years of the course leading to the master's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences by the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto are taught at the University of the Azores. Students who successfully complete the first two years of the course continue their studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Porto, entering the 3rd year of the course. The Integrated Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences graduates professionals able to carry out the activities that constitute the Pharmaceutical Act (Decreto-Lei N. º 288/2001), namely Community Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Industry, Wholesaler Distribution and Clinical Analysis, and other analytical activities and research. To enable students for these career opportunities, the cycle of studies (CS) provides wide-scope training, (5-years), in which the basic and the specialized topics are combined in a balanced way, and a professional training that integrates the knowledge acquired and helps the students to fit in the professional activity. To ensure the CS’s adaptation to the development of scientific knowledge, it includes 8 optional course units (CUs). The CS of FFUP fully complies the specific EU Directives, and the curriculum content and the way theoretical and practical teaching is balanced preserves both the teaching and professional university standards.


a) Students must have profound knowledge in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences, allowing research and innovation activities or deepen professional skills competences; b) they also must be able to understand and solve problems in new situations or in wide-ranging contexts common to several CUs either for the practice of research, or for the performance of all activities that are part of the Pharmaceutical Act (Decreto-Lei n.º 288/2001), namely: development and preparation of pharmaceutical forms; registration, manufacture and control of medicines for human and veterinary use and of medical devices; monitoring, surveillance and control of distribution, dispense and consumption of human and veterinary medicines and medical devices; medicines monitoring, including determination of pharmacokinetic parameters and establishment of individualized drug dose schemes; collection of organic products, performance and interpretation of clinical analysis and determination of serum levels; performance and interpretation of toxicological, hydrological and food analysis; storage, conservation and wholesale distribution of medicines for human and veterinary use and of medical devices; c) Students must be able to integrate knowledge, deal with complex issues, provide solutions and pass judgments, including ponder upon ethical and social implications and responsibilities that may come from those solutions and judgments; d) Students must be able to communicate in a clear and unambiguous way the conclusions, the knowledge and the reasoning in them implicit, either to specialists or to non-specialists; e) Students must get skills that will allow them to learn throughout life in a self-directed or autonomous way. The outcome of goals is achieved by assessing the theoretical knowledge, by performing / presenting / discussing revision works, by the practical/laboratory component of several CUs, and by the training work done in a working context.

Admission Requirements

Those interested can apply for the course through one of the following national competitions organized by DGES: National Competition for Access and Admission to Public Higher Education; and Special Regimes. Application may also be possible through the following special competitions, organized by the University of the Azores: Special Competitions for Access and Admission to the University of the Azores (Over 23 Years, Holders of Technological Specialization Diploma, Holders of Higher Professional Technician Diploma, Holders of Other Higher Education Courses, Holders of dual certification courses in secondary education and specialized artistic courses); Regimes of Re-entry and Change of Institution / Course; Special competition for access and admission of international students to the University of the Azores. In all cases, the application is dependent on the candidates' compliance with the conditions required for this purpose. For more information on national competitions and the conditions of access and admission, consult the DGES page at, and for information on special competitions, consult the regulations available on our website.

Professional Opportunities

After completing the Integrated Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto, and with the enrolment in the Order of Pharmacists, professionals are able to exercise: Pharmaceutical activity (community or hospital pharmacy, pharmaceutical distribution, pharmaceutical industry); Clinical analysis; Microbiological analysis; Hydrological analysis; Toxicological analyzes; Agri-food industry.


Angra do Heroísmo

Course Code


ECTS Credits



2 Years

Study Regime

Full- or part-time attendance, presence required in daytime schedule


  • Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior
  • ACEF/2122/0504177
  • Direcção Geral de Ensino Superior
  • R/A-Ef 2722/2011/AL02 em 19 de Março de 2023

Study Program

Code Name Year Semester
01101123Anatomy and Histology1st year1st semester
01062150Biofísica e Física Farmacêutica1st year1st semester
01101101Cell Biology1st year1st semester
01062128Farmacêutico e Sociedade1st year1st semester
01101112General and Inorganic Chemistry1st year1st semester
01062145Matemática e Bioestatística Aplicada1st year1st semester
01101134Analytical chemistry1st year2nd semester
01062194Bioquímica1st year2nd semester
0105245Chemistry Physics 1st year2nd semester
01062183Fisiologia Humana1st year2nd semester
0105343Organic Chemistry I1st year2nd semester
01062161Bioquímica do Metabolismo2nd year1st semester
0105289General Microbiology2nd year1st semester
01062205Métodos Instrumentais de Análise2nd year1st semester
01101140Organic Chemistry II2nd year1st semester
0105299Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy I2nd year1st semester
01062139Bromatologia e Análises Bromatológicas2nd year2nd semester
01101188Immunology2nd year2nd semester
01101200Molecular genetics2nd year2nd semester
01101222Pharmaceutical Chemistry2nd year2nd semester
01101278Pharmacology I2nd year2nd semester