Bachelor in Elementary Education

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Generic objectives defined for the study programme: a) To promote the acquisition of specific scientifc knowledge in core areas of elementary education curricula; b) To promote the acquisiton of scientific knowledge that allows for the construction of an encompassing view of education - one that takes its foundations into consideration, as well as the diversity and the complexity of educational situations; c) To train professionals of education capable of mobilizing knowledge in an integrated way, aiming at the interpretation and at the critical analysis of educational phenomena, as well as problem solving in different educational contexts; d) To support the construction of training projects whereby the importance of lifelong learning in the construction of professional identity is acknowledged; e) To facilitate the development of the student as a person, as a citizen and as an autonomous, responsible, reflective and innovative educator.


Completing this study cycle will allow students: a) To master knowledge in the areas of teaching that support educational action in elementary education, including educational and didactical knowledge; b) To analyze the organization of the Portuguese educational system, its situation within the international context, as well as educational communities, in order to set educational priorities; c) To characterize the child in a multiplicity of dimensions, in order to ensure an adequate educational practice; d) To plan and perform, either individually or in groups, a wide range of educational activities that enhance meaningful and integrated learning, as well as socialization; e) To develop a critical attitude and to use research as a tool to address the educational reality; f) To critically analyze one's own educational action, as well as the educational action of other actors, and adjusting it continuously to specific needs in different contexts.

Admission Requirements

Those interested can apply for the course through one of the following national competitions organized by DGES: National Competition for Access and Admission to Public Higher Education; and Special Regimes. Application may also be possible through the following special competitions, organized by the University of the Azores: Special Competitions for Access and Admission to the University of the Azores (Over 23 Years, Holders of Technological Specialization Diploma, Holders of Higher Professional Technician Diploma, Holders of Other Higher Education Courses, Holders of dual certification courses in secondary education and specialized artistic courses); Regimes of Re-entry and Change of Institution / Course; Special competition for access and admission of international students to the University of the Azores. In all cases, the application is dependent on the candidates' compliance with the conditions required for this purpose. For more information on national competitions and the conditions of access and admission, consult the DGES page at, and for information on special competitions, consult the regulations available on our website.

Professional Opportunities

Promotion of educational projects in: Nurseries and kindergartens; 1st and 2nd cycle schools; Social centers, summer camps, ATL; Hospitals, special education centers; Libraries, museums and educational farms. Access to Masters in Teaching: Pre-School Education; Pre-School Education and Teaching of the 1st Cycle of Elementary Education; Teaching of the 1st Cycle of Elementary Education; Teaching of the 1st and 2nd Cycle of Elementary Education.


Ponta Delgada

Course Code


ECTS Credits



3 Years

Study Regime

Full- or part-time attendance, presence required in daytime schedule


  • Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior
  • PERA/1920/1300266
  • Direcção Geral de Ensino Superior
  • R/A-Cr 86/2014 de 18-06-2014

Study Program

Code Name Year Semester
0105754Child Development Psychology1st year2nd semester
0105750Grammatical Analysis Bases II1st year2nd semester
0103015History of Portugal and Built Heritage1st year2nd semester
0105760Numbers and Operations1st year2nd semester
0105759Research in Educational Contexts1st year2nd semester
0105776Artistic Expressions II2nd year1st semester
0105737Curriculum Theory and Development2nd year1st semester
0105739Geometry and Measurement2nd year1st semester
0105778Initiation to Professional Practice in Different Contexts2nd year1st semester
0105766Introduction to Literary Education2nd year1st semester
0105756Societies, Territories and Human Action2nd year1st semester
0105795Childrens Literature2nd year2nd semester
0105793Expressions and Multimedia Communication2nd year2nd semester
0105792Human Body and Health2nd year2nd semester
0105788Introduction Professional Practice in Pre-school2nd year2nd semester
0105775Mathematical Language and Introduction to Algebra2nd year2nd semester
0105779Special Educational Needs and Learning Difficulties2nd year2nd semester
0105784Didactics of Artistic Expressions and Physical-Motor Education3rd year1st semester
0105774Didactics of Mathematics3rd year1st semester
0105747Didactics of Portuguese3rd year1st semester
0105752Introduction to Professional Practice in 1st Cycle of Basic Education3rd year1st semester
0105768Mathematical Applications3rd year1st semester
0105790Orality and Writing Workshop3rd year1st semester
0105773Sociology of Education3rd year1st semester
0105761Didactics of Environmental Studies3rd year2nd semester
0105757Introduction to Professional Practice in the 2nd Cycle of Basic Education3rd year2nd semester
0105741Workshop - Integration of Idioms3rd year2nd semester

Optional Curricular Subjects

Code Name Year Semester
0105749Complements of Arithmetic and Geometry3rd year2nd semester
0105758Complements of Natural Sciences3rd year2nd semester
0105783Complements of Societies, Territories and Human Action3rd year2nd semester
0105770Dynamics in Elementary Mathematics3rd year2nd semester
0105748Experimental Basis Sciences3rd year2nd semester
0105744History of Contemporary Portugal3rd year2nd semester
0105742Philosophy for Children3rd year2nd semester
0105736The History and Issues of Mathematics3rd year2nd semester
0105762The Portuguese Language in Time and Space3rd year2nd semester
0105764Understanding and Textual Production3rd year2nd semester